Justice and Dr. Neary

A caller to Today with Pat Kenny asked if Dr. Neary was ever prosecuted for the horrors he committed on women in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

Of course Dr. Neary was never prosecuted, that sort of thing doesn’t happen in Ireland. Instead, he was given a €70,000 pension and sent on his way.

What do those women expect in a corrupt state – accountability, justice?

One thought on “Justice and Dr. Neary”

  1. Well if it wasn’t for two young midwives who blew the whistle, how much longer would it have gone on ? I just read the report on it last night they seem to suggest bad/outmoded medical practice and the reliance on just one individual rather than malice ,but there is a heck of a lot of files missing so it is hard to guage what the true story really is. Anyway it is another fine Institution ran by the religious that has left the public to pick up the tab yet again.

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