Questions but no answers

For about two weeks now I’ve been ringing the Department of Foreign Affairs to ask questions about the special passport facility for members of the Oireachtas.

So far I’ve received no answers. This morning I rang the General Secretary of the Department, Dermot Gallagher, but as usual he was at a meeting. Here’s a flavour of my conversation with one of his ‘protectors’.

Could you tell me when the meeting is due to end?
Early afternoon
Could you be more specific?
Early afternoon
Before one O’Clock?
Early afternoon
Will he be going to lunch?
I can only say early afternoon

I informed the ‘protector’ that I would continue to ring until contact was made and asked what time Mr. Gallagher started work in the morning.

What time does Mr. Gallagher start work in the morning?
That depends on his first meeting
He doesn’t have a set time for beginning work?
I didn’t say that
But you said it depends on his first meeting
It does
So he doesn’t have a set time for beginning work
I didn’t say that

Time for a cup of tea, I think