Different folk – Different law

The new charity legislation going through the Dail was discussed on Today with Pat Kenny during the week.

Pat mentioned the case of a Romanian woman who was charged with organising a bogus charity collection in Dun Laoghaire. The woman was up in the children’s court under the Theft and Fraud Offences Act and was remanded on bail until a further hearing later this month.

Meanwhile, yet another solicitor is under investigation by the Law Society amid allegations of forging passports and falsifying bank loans to the tune of €1 million. (A million Euro fraud seems to be the magic figure that triggers action against solicitors)

We’re told there’s the ‘possibility’ that the Fraud Squad may even be called in. It’s unlikely as I’m sure they’re fully focused on dealing with that dangerous Romanian child.

And let’s not forget that Jim Flavin is and will remain a free man despite his €83 million fraud on the Irish Stock Market.

We’ll never see Flavin or that solicitor remanded on bail – the very idea.

One thought on “Different folk – Different law”

  1. The words “Banana Republic” seem apt. I noticed on the international news that Israeli police have recommended that prime minster Ehud Olmert be indicted for corruption. Now
    that something you’ll never see happen here especially with our “heroes” in the gardai.

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