Ahern has nothing to worry about

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has submitted his resignation letter to the country’s President, Shimon Peres. Olmert is under investigation by police on corruption charges.

Bertie Ahern, who is suspected of far more serious crimes, is not being investigated by the police and nobody would even think of using the word ‘corruption’ when reporting on the allegations against him.

Immediately after resigning Ahern was hailed as a great statesman and all thoughts of making him accountable in Dail Eireann were forgotten.

Enda Kenny called for a general election and was roundly condemned by all and sundry. The general consensus, even among the media, was that this was Bertie’s day and any criticism was crass and unwarranted. Even Kenny’s party colleagues maintained an embarrassed silence.

By resigning Ahern became untouchable because there’s no State authority capable or willing to make him accountable. The tribunal farce will run its course but no matter what conclusions it reaches Ahern’s status as a hero will not be affected.

During a media interview after his last appearance at the tribunal Ahern said he had nothing to worry about – He’s absolutely right, he hasn’t.

2 thoughts on “Ahern has nothing to worry about”

  1. For the last twenty years numerous local politians in Donegal have stated Bundoran Town Council are CORRUPT and nothing is ever done. For the same reason as Berties little blunders with the developers; is that certain Local Government Officials are Corrupt. Thus, the CORRUPTION-CYCLE is completed without investigation.

    I personally have wrote to the Minister, the Ombudsman and Standards in Public Office and two years on… nothing……. So for the last number of months, well since Councillor Sean McEniff took the Chairmans seat in Bundoran Town Council, I wear a T-Shirt that says “Bundoran Town Council are Corrupt” and all I`am asked to do by the Chairman McEniff at Bundoran Council meetings is to cover the “OFFENDING MATERIAL” up.

    I always use the phrase:

    Therefore I totally agree Officials, Politians and Ministers have their heads in the sand.

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