'Bertie' 3

The ‘Bertie’ documentary continues to portray Ahern for the chancer he is. Monday’s episode reminded us of some of the lies Ahern has told in furtherance of his dodgy career.

We listened to him profoundly state that, in his view, tax dodgers should be sent to jail. We now know, of course, that at the time he wasn’t tax compliant himself.

We also heard his speech criticising those (Haughey) who would abuse public office for private gain. Fianna Fail, we were told, was now a party of integrity and high standards with no room for chancers.

We saw that for the lie it was when Ahern delivered the graveside oration for the corrupt Haughey, describing him as ‘a patriot to his finger tips.’

In the section dealing with the Good Friday Agreement Ahern told of his contacts with Tony Blair and mentioned that all phone calls were taped by the British.

He added, without a trace of irony, “we don’t tape phone calls; it’s not in our culture.”