Is the FSAI doing deals?

Joe Duffy and Liveline (Wed) have taken on the responsibility of protecting the public from danger because the so called Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is adamantly refusing to do so.

The FSAI is refusing to name a company which was found to have had high levels of contamination in its bottled water nearly a year ago.

Innocent water bottle companies such as Tipperary Water, Uisce, Ballygown and several others are phoning the show to reassure the public of the quality of their product and to protect their business from further damage.

According to Joe Duffy, the FSAI is still refusing to name the guilty party and say they will never reveal the name of any company that they have reprimanded – because it wouldn’t be fair.

There was a new and crucial piece of informaton revealed on the show yesterday.

Four months ago the FSAI did name a company, Pure Springs of Monaghan; that had problems with the quality of their product.

This raises very serious questions. Why the selective naming – Are deals being done?

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