The Green's – Fully integrated

Senator Dan Boyle of the Green Party was pure Fianna Fail on the Pat Kenny Show this morning on the subject of the FAS scandal.

Senator Boyle claimed that no elected representative of the Green’s had expressed any confidence in FAS chief executive Rody Molloy.

Fionn Sheehan of the Irish Independent strongly disagreed claiming that he was told by a Green Party spokesperson that they had full confidence in Mr. Molloy.

Asked about the inconsistency Senator Boyle said:

“I believe the context in which he made the statement was because there was a series of questions in relation to the statement the Taoiseach had made which the Taoiseach had to make in the context of an ongoing process.”

Ah yes, the Green’s have been fully integrated.

3 thoughts on “The Green's – Fully integrated”

  1. Today’s retraction on Morning Ireland shows how the Green Party’s position on Fas and Mr. Molloy has been misrepresented. On Tuesday afternoon I went spoke in the Seanad of ny and our concern on this. Of course that doesn’t stop some people’s need to believe the worst.

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