Political monkeys

Independent Senator Shane Ross was on the Mooney Show yesterday. The Senator was explaining to a very impressed Derrick Mooney how he uncovered all those dodgy activities going on at FAS. Both men discussed the matter as if such scandals were extremely rare in Ireland.

The senator was doing well until he was asked about the generous pay and pensions for politicians. I think I get about €70,000 per year and politicians do receive generous pensions even while they’re still in employment.

Is that right Mooney asked him?

Well, because I’m a politician I do have a certain sympathy… political jobs are very insecure…how do you attract good people to the Dail and Senate unless you pay them reasonably well…wisdom is very important, legislative ability is very important.

For years politicians were paid peanuts and most of them were monkeys. Now they’re among the highest paid politicians in the world and guess what – They’re still monkeys.