FÁS chief gives people of Ireland the two fingers

Former chairman of FÁS Brian Geoghegan doesn’t mince his words when it comes to giving two fingers to the people of Ireland (RTE News, 7th report).

The fat cat bureaucrat told the Public Accounts Committee, and by extension the people of Ireland, he was not aware that first class travel had been availed of by FÁS executives. Furthermore, he told the people who pay his massive wage that neither he nor his board were responsible for checking details of travel.

I’m surprised he deigned to talk to us at all.

2 thoughts on “FÁS chief gives people of Ireland the two fingers”

  1. The Fat Cats in FAS are treatig the PAC like the Bertie treated the Tribunal.

    No one will be sacked cause of Ministerial cock-ups

    The entire Board of FAS should be SACKED. I am afraid Minister Coughlan is too chicken to take any steps to sort out the fiasco in FAS, but then Minister Coughlan/Tanaiste is too chicken to look into any corruption or other Reports that were carried out. One reason the Board of FAS will never resign is that Peter McLoone is on it, yes a Donegal man and brother to Michael McLoone Donegal County Council Manager. Two incompetent men, who squander other peoples money. But with people like the Tanaiste behind them, they will probably get a big fat wage hike and some poor unfortunate will have to heave hoe.

    Check out about jobfixing in FAS Sligo where Minister Martin got a Report done and yep its who you know that matters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zay-4rpiYoE

  2. Another good one, just a detail, the Min of Health’s husband doesn’t spell his name like the rest of men…. check it out. Also, as a former pen-pusher in the Stats office he certainly knows all about travel details, he was Ireland’s rep on many EU committees for years, no first class then.

    Tpical of him and the ilk to assume first class privileges, even when they aren’t offered any more by most airlines…. Its far from it they were raised.

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