Season's greetings

May the great Zeus cast his blessings on all at this time of celebration, love and friendship. May Dionysus be generous to you with his wine but sparing of the madness that sometimes accompanies the nectar.

Oh, and happy Christmas too :}

8 thoughts on “Season's greetings”

  1. And many happy returns to you.

    I look forward to 2009 and reading many of your valuable and perceptive observations. Heres hoping the present crisis brings a revolution of sorts in the Irish political scene and a more intelligent response from the Irish electorate

  2. Haymoon, you have me blushing in embarrassment but thank you for the kind comments. Best wishes for the season.

  3. And to you good sir.

    I discovered your website this past year and have passed it on to many friends. I almost can’t bring myself to read your site at times it just makes me so mad.
    Thanks for the service you provide in highlighting all the corruption and skull-duggery. It seems yours is a lonely voice at times.
    Maybe if enough start shouting, something will finally be done.

    Happy Christmas and have a good 2009, but with everything falling around us, it’s going to get a lot worse I fear!


  4. Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement Brian. Thanks also for spreading the word. Have a good 2009

  5. Late post-(it’s February!) I sent out my solstice cards with the greeting “AXIAL TILT IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”, a ditty found on the Internet without attribution. In the USA, there were postage stamps with a full face SUNFLOWER picture on them which, most appropriately, I used on the envelopes.
    Now we have to work on the fertility festival coming up, when bunnies are born, birds and chickens lay eggs ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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