Government – Trust us on Anglo Irish Bank

It seems that the Government had no choice but to nationalise Anglo Irish Bank but I tend to agree with Senator Ross’s suggestion that the strategy is designed to avoid awkward questions being asked at today’s EGM (Prime Time).

The taxpayer is being asked to accept liabilities of at least €25 billion while being kept completely in the dark about what’s really going on.

3 thoughts on “Government – Trust us on Anglo Irish Bank”

  1. Don’t know if you’ve seen it Anthony but the proposed Anglo bill is here


    Check out Paragraph 8 of the bill. It seems to suggest that if the Attorney General deems the content of an ministerial order to be “commercially sensitive”, then the Minister can act in secret, and the order need not be published.

    I wonder what they are trying to hide?

  2. I just wish they would “Nationalize” the entire medical system here. The two tier system is not working. You can’t have public need competing with private insurance providers. Private will win out every time. What we need is system that provides medical care on a needs basis, not on a financial rewards basis. Everyone should be treated the same, based on need, not on their pocket. If the government can own the banks, why not own the hospitals and doctors services and provide the same medical care to everyone?

  3. Joan Burton mentioned that the thrust of the bill is to hide the details. It makes you wonder a) what is coming down the track b) who is being protected (Joan said this am on Newstalk that Fitzpatrick was ‘Seanie’ to Bertie) c) will we ever get the whole story, apart from the historians in x years?

    Bye, Barry

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