Ahhh…Poor Seanie

Report in Sunday Independent.

On the nationalization of Irish Anglo Bank. ”

It’s a very sad day, but there’s really nothing else I have to say on that.”

(Well, what else is there to say?)

On his loans.

“Of course. If I borrowed money, I do intend to pay it back.”

(Note the word ‘intend’).

According to friends ‘Seanie’ is:

“Doing his best to bring a degree of normalcy to his family life. It’s been incredibly difficult for them all. Sean is under severe strain, but he is doing his best to put a brave face on it all.

“He hasn’t done anything illegal and a lot of the stuff that has been written and said has really been hurtful for the family,”

(It’s amazing how many people, including Government ministers, overpaid civil servants at the Financial Regulator and friends are absolutely certain that ‘Seanie’ has done nothing illegal).

“But you wouldn’t know how upset he is from looking at him. Only the other day, I was talking to him as he was pottering around in his garden shed, having a cup of tea from a pot he brought out on a tray.”

The hundreds of shareholders who have lost everything because of this man’s dodgy activities would, I’m sure, have a different view as do the 100% of respondents in a recent poll who said Fitzpatrick should face a full investigation by the Garda Fraud Squad.

The Devil, of course, will be skating on ice before that happens.