Cowardly strategies continue to endanger children

For decades the Catholic Church has hidden behind the ‘legal advice’ strategy in order to avoid taking responsibility for widespread child abuse within its ranks.

Other strategies include failing to report abusers to the authorities and protecting abusers by moving them around with subsequent horrendous consequences for thousands of children. At a softer level we have the usual excuses of being on a ‘learning curve’ and the issuing of endless but useless apologies to victims.

Recently, the antics of the clergy have become even more bizarre. Despite almost universal calls for him to resign the Bishop of Cloyne has steadfastly remained in position preferring to defend himself with the usual inane excuses.

Just when it seemed his position was becoming untenable in steps Cardinal Brady with a strong defence, declaring, that in his opinion the bishop should stay. After all, said the Cardinal, didn’t the man apologise.

Within days, the befuddled cardinal was so overwhelmed by the negative reaction to his views that he issued an apology for defending the bishop’s apology.

But by far the most bizarre and outrageous defence of the indefensible came from the editor of the Irish Catholic. Utilising yet another cynical strategy, that of blaming someone else, in this case the Government, the editor makes the ludicrous suggestion that by not resigning Bishop Magee is actually protecting children.

“If Bishop Magee had resigned before Christmas, the Cloyne affair would have disappeared off the news agenda and life would have returned to normal. Except for the fact that little would have been resolved in the real terms of putting children first and sorting out this national issue of protecting children absolutely, once and for all.”

What next – pedophile priests be allowed free reign in order to keep the problem in the public consciousness?

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Irish Catholic (Editor)