Revolting (in bad) weather

Received the following email from the Union of Students of Ireland in response to my post on wimpish students.

Hi Anthony

I would like to advise you that the Health and Safety of students expected to attend the march is of prime importance to USI and given the weather warnings from the Met Office and the fact that marchers would be coming from all corners of the country it was incumbent on USI to take heed of weather conditions and if it appeared that conditions would be hazardous, both for travel and underfoot at the march, it would have been irresponsible for the march to proceed. I hope you understand this view.


David Byrne

My reply:

Consider the following David.

Padraig Pearse is making final plans on the night before the Rising when, suddenly, the door bursts open and a fellow revolutionary declares. The weather forecast is terrible Padraig; we’ll have to cancel the rebellion on health and safety grounds.


The mob has just completed its siege of the Bastille when they receive news that storm clouds are gathering. The leaders declare; everybody go home, it’s too dangerous to revolt in the rain.

For feck sake, what hope for (corrupt) Mother Ireland if the students are too delicate to kick ‘ass?