Banker in denial

“I’m frustrated that the banking sector in Ireland has been tarnished by what has materialised in Anglo Irish”, National Irish Bank (NIB) chief executive, Andrew Healy told the ‘Sunday Business Post’ (Irish Independent).

Clearly, Mr. Healy is totally ignorant of the long and dishonourable record of Irish banking and he’s obviously ignorant of the mafia type operations indulged in by his own bank in the past.

The Anglo Irish Bank scandal is not an isolated case that has brought a previously honest banking industry into dispute. Rather, it is just the latest example of dodgy dealing by Irish bankers who have robbed countless millions from customers and state over many decades.

The Irish financial sector is a totally discredited industry awash with crooks and gangsters. That situation will only change when long jail sentences become the norm; I’m not holding my breadth.

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Andrew Healy