O'Connor's solution

In times of crisis it’s always good to have a laugh and Sunday Independent columnist, Brendan O’Connor never fails to deliver. His musings are all the more hilarious because they’re presented, not as mad humour, but as serious analysis.

Here are some of his suggestions on how we should deal with the ongoing crisis.

A free U2 concert in the Phoenix Park, ask the Pope to visit, get the scouts out at weekends to help people, get choirs out singing on the streets, put Cowen on the back of a lorry and send him on a tour of the country putting fire in people’s belly with his inspirational speeches, take the mothers of Ireland out for a Government sponsored coffee break once a week, and most bizarre of all – appoint Martin Cullen as Minister for Inspiration and willie O’Dea as crisis manager.

O’Connor admits it might all sound a bit cracked. It is Brendan, it is but it’s also very funny.