How business is done – in a banana republic

Lenihan says he didn’t tell Cowen about the €7 billion transfer from Irish Life and Permanent into Anglo Irish Bank so that covers Cowen.

We’re told that officials didn’t tell Lenihan about the relevant sections of the Price Waterhouse Cooper report so that covers Lenihan.

The officials are anonymous and unaccountable so that coves them.

If the pressure becomes too much a token official will be asked to retire with a lotto sized pension and golden handshake.

If that official possesses sensitive information he will be give a massive bribe to keep his mouth shut – just like the €202,000 bribe given to former Financial Regulator, Patrick Neary.

This is exactly how government business is done in a banana republic.

3 thoughts on “How business is done – in a banana republic”

  1. Yep…Ireland has ideed joined the ranks of countries such as Nicaragua, El Salvador and Zimbabwe as a Basketcase Banana Republic.

    Our international reputation has been shot to pieces with this.

    Who the hell will want to invest in a country run on a political ideology that is really just a fusion of Gombeenism and Kleptocracism?

  2. Go back 10 years or so, inset Bertie Ahern into the story, and you have the same scenario. No one knows anything and always someone else’s responsibility.
    I said it before and I’ll say it again…IRELAND IS A NATION OF PURE GOBSHITES!
    Look around the net and you’ll find only a handful of bloggers expressing their outrage.
    Looks like we’re going to stand idly by AGAIN while the country is being looted by Fianna Fail and friends.

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