ESB – Ripping off customers?

There’s something very rotten in the ESB. On Liveline last week (Mon, Tue, Wed) there was an endless line of callers expressing shock at the massive increase in their bills. Here are some examples.

Previous bill €250 – Latest – €323
Previous bill €243 – Latest – €424
Previous bill €140 – Latest – €280
Previous bill €408 – Latest – €667
Previous bill €180 – Latest – €485

A Dublin woman living in a one bed-roomed apartment saw her bill increase from €265 to €453. She has two Dimplex and one storage heater, no washing machine, no dishwasher, only uses the sink immersion and all her bulbs are energy saving. She’s taking out a credit union loan to pay her bill.

A man in Roscommon opened a petrol station in 2002 when the price of a litre of petrol was 95c and his electricity bill was €800. Today, a litre of petrol is still 95c but his electricity bill has increased to €3,000

As Joe Duffy said, the ESB is ripping off its customers. The recent price increases do not explain these massive increases. Isn’t it curious that when such scandals are exposed in Ireland, nothing happens?

Everybody has a pretty good idea of what’s going on but no state authority will act unless the media dig deeper and expose the full truth.

See here for an excellent article by Senator Shane Ross which gives a good idea of how rotten things are in the ESB.