Revolution – First shots fired?

An AIB branch in Cork was attacked by a man in a suit who threw dozens of eggs at the building. Here’s the full report from RTE.

AIB bank in Cork egged by man in suit

Tuesday, 17 February 2009 13:13

An AIB branch in Cork literally has egg on its face after it was hit by a man in a suit.

AIB has said it does not know the identity of the man who threw dozens of eggs at its regional offices and branch on the South Mall in Cork city around 11.30 today.

The well-dressed man stood on the street and brought traffic to a halt for a number of minutes as he threw eggs from a cardboard box at the building.

He disappeared shortly afterwards, leaving the empty box behind him.

An AIB spokeswoman confirmed the incident, but said the man did not come into the building.

The spokeswoman said AIB did not know who the man was or why he threw the eggs at the building.

She said the bank would not be making a complaint to the gardaí.

3 thoughts on “Revolution – First shots fired?”

  1. Nothing like that, all that’s going to happen is that the state is going to re-adjust the terms and conditions of deals that we have with large commercial entities for lasting benefit to the entire community. It’s all very civilized I assure you.

    We now have an enormous opportunity to move in a most positive way as a country. We’ve got brawn, we’ve got brains, we’ve got infrastructure, communications, technology, €7 billion in our back pocket and a talented workforce.

    What else have we got? Wave power, wind power, geo-thermal technology, internet technology (automation). There are incredible breakthroughs being made in computer chip processing power for example and also virtualization. We are on top of that and in a position to be a world leader.

    The direction is crystal clear. What can we achieve, what is possible, what do we want to happen? Let’s build a great country, where everything works at a massively increased efficiency, in double quick time and everybody gets a slice of the action. All we need is a plan, but we need to jump on it fast.

    Because we’re a small compact little country, we have the capacity to adapt very very quickly. This means that we might be in a position to develop new economic models, test them, show the results and allow other countries to share that. The possibilities are endless and it’s happening now. So there’s plenty of work to do, let’s get on with it.

    Mise le meas,

    P. McDonald
    Clerk of Works

  2. Fine words Mr McD, but is there any action?
    Would you not consider that it is now time to make good and clean up the rotting mess left by the throwing of dozens of eggs at one of our finest and most historic buildings in the city over one month ago. This ‘AIB egging by a man in a suit’ incident was a strong statement indeed and there may well have been some justification for it, but surely the innocent and beautiful building at 66 South Mall has by now suffered enough and deserves another ‘statement’ So how about it Mr clerk of works?

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