The truth is revealed…

From today’s Irish Independent.

The coalition is finally admitting it — this Government is incompetent. Green Party chairman Dan Boyle was forced, tongue-in-cheek, to concede the point when he was asked if anybody else would do as bad a job in government.

“I would say that any other combination of parties to form another government would be just as incompetent because they’d have to follow the same policies,”he said, on Nightly News with Vincent Browne.

It’s about time somebody admitted it. Although, is this the official Green Party talking or the Green Party in Governme

2 thoughts on “The truth is revealed…”

  1. It’s obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells that this country has been systematically looted by Fianna Fail and friends for 15 years or more. Where has the opposition been all this time?
    It’s very easy to get on the band wagon now when the whole country is falling apart.

  2. The Opposition are part of the corrupt system Paddy. For the record, I’ve been shouting, jumping up and down and writing about the corruption in Ireland since the early 1980s

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