Some advertisements are clever and funny but some are funny without meaning to be.

A current ad promoting a car suggests that ‘extras’ are now a common mechanism employed by businesses to extract more money from customers.

The ditty runs:

“These days even some of the most basic things are considered extra but when you buy a Chevrolet extras are standard.”

The ad goes on to give some humorous examples of customers being surprised when charged ‘extras’ for services provided.

But the ad then finishes with the warning. “Delivery and related charges not included.” In other words – extras.

2 thoughts on “Extras”

  1. Yes, I noticed that. Now, the question is did the creators of the ad notice it?

    It would be interesting to look at past ads and see if the the closing of “Delivery and related charges NOT INCLUDED” used to be “Delivery and related charges EXTRA”

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