The grassroots

“Some comments from Fianna Fail delegates at their Ard Fheis (1st report, 1st item). Best to actually listen to the item for full appreciation.

“These opinion polls are telling us such a one, sure who do they interview, they must be interviewing Blueshirts the whole time.”

“Not since De Valera’s hay day was it as good or as exciting. They say things is not going well, what is wrong with them, there’s nobody in a bad position only in a person losing his job, ya have cribs from farming communities and all them. Their lifestyles didn’t change since this time last year nor pensioner’s didn’t change. How do you call that going back?”

“Brian Cowen is the man for it, he’s the only man for it and anybody else who thinks they can do a better job they’re just raving lunatics.”

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