High flying minister sees no anger

Alan McQuaid of Bloxham Stockbrokers has said the Irish economy is now in severe crisis mode and the labour market, excluding the public sector, is heading for meltdown.

Meanwhile, Minister for Tourism Martin Cullen continues to defend his use of helicopters as a mode of transport. When challenged he said:

“If you would consider spending nine hours in a car to do one function, or doing what I did to cover 10 functions, that’s the choice.”

Mr. Cullen’s visit to his new decentralised headquarters in Killarney on Monday cost €8,130 so when he formally takes up residence the cost to taxpayer’s is going to be big as Mr. Cullen will, no doubt, have to attend many important meetings in Dublin.

Mr. Cullen is unlikely to lower his by now very expensive standards. He and three officials spent €67, 000 at the Olympics last summer and he has insisted that he will be flying either first or business class for his St. Patrick’s Day junket.

When asked would he be travelling Ryanair he said that although he doesn’t yet know his destination he does know that Ryanair doesn’t travel there. Defending his Paddy’s day outing Cullen said the trip was “an opportunity that is the envy of everyone” all over the world.

Mr. Cullen is one of those ministers who seems very well briefed on so called international envy but completely unaware of national anger.

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  1. Isnt he Minister for Sport? Research research….. He deserves to travel like that anyway,great servant to the irish people.

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