Pride in your country – Irish style

In a debate on the relevance of Seanad Eireann on Today with Pat Kenny yesterday Joe Higgins and John Drennan were very critical of the institution and called for its abolition.

Fianna Fail senator John Hanafin was not happy with the views expressed and accused the two gentlemen of being cynics. “Have they no pride in their country at all”, he thundered on today’s show (Thursday).

A Councillor from Limerick called to say how a senator had told her that the Senate was ‘the best club in Dublin’. Subsidised Restaurants and bars, free parking in the city centre, all the perks.

A Mr. Liam O’Kelly called to say how he brought five school children to the Senate to show them democracy in action but not a single senator was to be seen. He was shocked and outraged and, I’m sure, the children were more than a little puzzled.

The chairman, two ushers, a stenographer and two clerical assistants sat there twiddling their thumbs. (Waiting for democracy to show up?)

Pat Kenny, with information from a reliable source, provided the answer. They were all in the bar drinking and placing bets on the races in Cheltenham.

Now that’s having pride in your country – Irish style.

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