We're looking into it…

Fianna Fail TD Thomas Byrne was asked questions about TDs pay and expenses on Saturday View.

On expenses.

“That’s a good question actually. “We certainly have to lead by example and I would have no problem with a fully vouched expenses system (They keep saying that but nothing happens).

On the €61 for just turning up for work.

Yes, that has to be looked at…proposals have been put forward to the Minister for Finance and he has been slow to come back on them and think it’s because he probably wants a much more radical approach to expenses and we may see that before the supplementary budget.

On junior ministers.

“I’m not going to start criticising my colleagues but certainly in this day and age…there’s certainly an argument to reduce junior ministers…but let’s leave that for the budget

On payments to chairmen of committees. (Chair 20k, vice chair 10k and conveners on 5k).

“I think they should be reduced…certainly the money should be reduced…it’s alright when the money’s there but at this stage it will all have to be looked at, we have to show example.

“I’ts alright when the money’s there.”?? Pure Fianna Fail.

2 thoughts on “We're looking into it…”

  1. Thomas Byrne’s first response – “That’s a good question actually” – says it all.

    Whenever a politician – or anyone else for that matter, but especially a politician – begins his/her response with the words “that’s a good question”, you can be sure that you’re going to get a bad answer!

  2. It’s a bit of an incongruity that we pay a Television Licence in order for our politicians to come on telling blatant lies and refusing to give a straight answer to straight question.
    How long do these brass necks think that they can get away with this crap?

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