Time to act against the Catholic Church

Once again the superstitious, medieval mindset of the Catholic Church is endangering the lives of countless people in Africa (BBC News).

The solution to the problem of HIV/Aids lies in a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer” according to the Pope.

EU leaders do not agree. Dutch Development Minister Bert Koenders said it was

“extremely harmful and very serious” that the Pope was “forbidding people from protecting themselves”.

French foreign ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier said:

“While it is not up to us to pass judgment on Church doctrine, we consider that such comments are a threat to public health policies and the duty to protect human life.”

Personally, I think it’s time that world leaders acted instead of talking. The Pope and the Catholic Church should be hauled before the International Criminal Court and charged with crimes against humanity.

3 thoughts on “Time to act against the Catholic Church”

  1. As a devout Catholic, I disagree with the Church’s traditional stand against artificial birth control, but at least I understand it. The Church teaches that people should respect their sexuality as a gift from God, not as some sort of plaything or passtime . The Church has always taught that the use of condoms is wrong because it disconnects sex from the possiblity of reproduction and by doing so interferes with God’s plan. This is a serious theological and philosophical position, whether one agrees with it or not.

    But instead of countering the Church’s position with an intelligent argument, of which there are several,Anthony merely betrayed his ignorance and bigotry with his idiotic suggestion that the church is guilty of crimes against humanity.

    Anthony, I will pray for you because I am a Catholic and one of our other “crimes against humanity” is that we pray for our enemies. Do you pray for your enemies, or anyone else Anthony?

  2. You absolute troll. I could abitrarily argue that condoms must be used because they’re part of God’s plan and it would have as much validity as the Church’s position or your own.
    You characterise the Catholic Church perfectly with your comment- attack dissent, call your critic your enemy and patronise with an ‘aul pray.

  3. As a christian at a young age (im only 18). Safe sex promotes sex in the first place, if you can do something wrong with no consequences then why not (that is what my mentality used to be). I am not Catholic, i actually dont belive in denomanations period, the church has done more to hurt christianity then promote it (the catholics havent helped) but crimes against humanity… really?!? They are entitiled to their opinon and if people listen to it then that is there own fault. Grant that was a little harsh at the end but i understand what you mean, Anthoney people listend to the pope, its not the churchs fault it is the people that listend

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