In the shadow of the Tsunami

Last October I wrote the following regarding the global financial crisis.

“We’re in a moment just like that before a Tsunami strikes. The sea is sucked out a great distance from the shore and people, in their ignorance and excitement, rush out to stare at beached fish flapping about. There’s absolutely no realisation of what’s just beyond the horizon.”

We’re still at that point, the Tsunami hasn’t hit yet. The political fish are still flapping about on the beach trying to convince us that they know what they’re doing.

This emergency budget can be seen as the shadow of the Tsunami as people begin to look away from the flapping politicians and stare at the gathering darkness on the horizon.

Irish citizens are beginning to realise that their politicians are incompetent and to a large extent, corrupt. They are beginning to realise that our corrupt system of administration will always give priority to favoured sections of society.

They are beginning to realise that in the coming year or two they are going to be stripped clean of most of their assets.

The question is – will they tolerate it?

One thought on “In the shadow of the Tsunami”

  1. “The question is – will they tolerate it?”

    Looking back over recent Irish history I would have to say yes, they will.

    The anger that’s building out there will not be directed at those who have sold this banana republic down the Swanny. Instead we’ll most likely see more anti-social street violence, stabbings and general drunken boorishness.

    The Irish have never been very good at revolutions!

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