Learning the truth

Sam Smyth, whose daughter suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, is still in the process of finding out just how ruthless and uncaring Irish politicians are when it comes to looking after their own petty interests.

As part of the deal (which, by the way was secret and thus totally undemocratic) to support the formation of a government Independent TD, Finian McGrath was promised that CF sufferers would be looked after.

As soon as he withdrew his support these ruthless people pulled the plug on the deal. In other words they were only interested in political power not the welfare of very vulnerable citizens.

One thought on “Learning the truth”

  1. Political power as most people know corrupts,Finian Mc Grath has now probably found that out.Just to remind Finian that on the 30th,of jan 2008 he sent me the following text”i gave file to council last year and made reps many times its not my fault they[council]ignored you,ta finian”What does that tell you about the kind of representation people from workingclass backgrounds get?slan

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