Pot calling the kettle black

Bankers are not normally associated with comedy so it was interesting to see Mark Duffy, former chief executive of Bank of Scotland (Ireland), providing the whole country with a great laugh on Questions & Answers last night.

The question under discussion was the evoting debacle.

Duffy: The thing that stood out for me was the lack of accountability. I work in an environment where if you screw up somebody pays.

Bowman: Was that banking? (Loud laughter from the audience, the panel and I’m sure all across Ireland).

Duffy: I work on the basis if you do a bad job you don’t get paid, if you do a very bad job you lose it.

Bowman: (incredulous). But the bankers did a very bad job and they were paid bonuses.

Duffy: No, I’m looking at this from the perspective of where I’m working and our principles and philosophy

Bowman: I’m looking at what actually happened.

Duffy: When I look at what happened I see no apologies, I see no accountability, I see nobody stepping down.

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