Lee goes political

Great to see that RTEs Economics Editor George Lee has decided to seek the Fine Gael nomination in the upcoming Dublin South bye election.

Lee has always been passionate in his beliefs and that passion has, in recent times, spilled over into deep anger at how this country is governed.

There is no doubt that the Irish political system is sorely in need of an injection of genuine passion and anger.

See here for his first (robust) interview

One thought on “Lee goes political”

  1. Mention of passion and anger remind me of my days as a civil servant (dirty word nowadays). While involved in a committee on a project I expressed to my superior my impatience at lack of progress and obfuscation. I said “why doesn’t someone thump the table”. “Oh no” he replied. “nothing like that is ever done in the service”

    Lets hope George will do some table thumping!

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