MEPs launch anti corruption petition

I received an interesting link from John Devitt, Chief Executive of Transparency Ireland, regarding the launch of an anti corruption petition by members of the European Parliament.

To date the petition has received only 4,404 signatures but it’s a start. I note that one of the MEPs involved in the campaign is Fianna Fail MEP Eoin Ryan.

One thought on “MEPs launch anti corruption petition”

  1. IMO, the most corrupt (and corrupting) MEPs are those with a particularly religious bent.

    The first EU anti-corruption measure I would like to see would be mandatory disclosure of membership of Opus Dei and the other nutter organizations that so many of them (believe it or not!) belong to.

    The average euro ‘joe’ would then be able to make more reasonably informed choices at the polling station.

    I’m beginning to wonder whether there isn’t a grain of truth in Ganley’s assertions.

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