Politicians ignore the law with impunity

Every political party in the country broke the law recently when they erected election posters before the legal deadline according to the Irish Independent (Link not available).

The law in question was only recently introduced by Minister for the Environment, John Gormley but even his allegedly ethical party disregarded the law.

The Green Party candidate, Dave Robbins, said he had done nothing wrong as he had covered up any references to a vote on his poster.

Apparently, this is correct as the law was carefully drafted so as to allow the erection of posters so long as the part that has ‘Vote No. 1’ was covered up.

This is typical banana republic legislation designed to give the impression that Ireland holds the same standards as real democracies but at the same time dishonestly giving politicians a (legally corrupt) mechanism to circumvent the law.

Clearly, the Green Party was closely involved in the drafting of this Tammany Hall law which further demonstrates the degree to which their ethical standards have been polluted by their association with a corrupt Fianna Fail.

No political party has or will be prosecuted for breaking this law and therefore it becomes a joke and adds to the contempt citizens have for the body politic and, increasingly, the law in general.

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