Electing fat cats

Letter in Irish Independent.

Dail fat cats not worth your vote

Looking at the picture illustrating Lise Hand’s article (Irish Independent, May 15) of the Taoiseach and Bertie Ahern visiting the East Wall, I can see that the ‘Soldiers of Destiny’ still don’t realise the voters of Dublin Central are suffering in the recession.

I wonder did the sight of two men who earn more than €200,000 each, arriving in two separate €120,000 Mercs, accompanied by bodyguards in two €60,000 BMWs, make the voters of Dublin Central think twice about electing another member of the Ahern dynasty to a €100,000-plus per annum job?

This sight contrasts with the goings-on over in Westminster where MPs are scurrying to hand back money to save their political lives after being exposed with overinflated or false expense claims.

If I was a Dublin Central voter on reduced earnings I would try to continue the Tony Gregory tradition of independence from the big parties, and if I couldn’t find a suitable candidate I’d spoil my vote to show my disgust at the fat cats in Dail Eireann who are very unlikely to follow their UK counterparts’ example.

Brendan Lynch
Co Wicklow

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    Spoiling your vote is a wasted vote and is just what Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael want – it doesn’t count for them but, most of all, it doesn’t count against them. So what’s the point of that?

    Make your vote count by voting Left – O’Sullivan (Gregory Group), Burke and Mac Aodháin (Sinn Féin), Colm Stephens (People Before Profit) and Malachy Steenson (Workers’ Party).

  2. What About Mannix Flynn?Also Check Out The Galvin Report On Eu Expences[corruption]and The British Taxpayers Alliance.
    Then i might put my self forward for election,As the past dosent count candadidate,The same would apply to Frank Dunlop.If You Want To Vote for Me Go To “http://EncourageChange.Blogspot.Com.slan

  3. Well said Brendan, the “Soldiers of Destiny” still don’t get it.
    After 70 years in charge of a one party state their arrogance knows no bounds.

    They have no concept of the real world and even when they are trounced in the next election they will not understand why.

    They believe that we should all be grateful to them no matter what the “fuck up”.

    This is a mindset that will only be changed by many years in the wilderness but the fickle Irish public will vote them back in again at the next opportunity. I’m afraid we get the politicians we deserve.

    Bring on the Revolution and lets start this country from scratch again, sack every public servant and make them reapply for their jobs. I wonder how many would retain their positions? A novel idea but never likely to happen.

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