Catholic Church forces children to eat shit

Well organised and open paedophile rings, brutal slavery supported and protected by the state, widespread rape and torture, children who had their heads pinned down by sash windows before being brutally raped, children stripped naked and forced to engage in brutal combat as entertainment for visiting priests. Children forced to eat their own shit and in one case lick the shit off the shoe of a priest.

I’m not going to mince my words on this matter.

There is little difference between the Catholic Church and the brutal Nazi regime of the 1930s and 40s. The Irish Catholic Church is guilty of crimes against humanity on the same scale and brutality as that Nazi regime but with one crucial difference.

The Nazi regime was eventually challenged and destroyed; many of its leaders and supporters were brought to justice at the Nuremburg Trials and received just punishment.

In the corrupt state of Ireland the criminals who organised and put into effect the brutal holocaust against children are still strongly defended and protected by the State. The names of the brutal monsters are to be kept secret, none are to face justice.

As always the nation has launched itself into a frenzy of talk and analysis in an effort to avoid facing the brutal truth. Already, the media has moved away from the horror and is now focusing on the completely pointless issue of the outrageous deal done between Bertie Ahern and his beloved Nazi church.

I’m going to return to more aspects of this horror but for now I’m just going to focus on one scum priest who really made my blood boil as I listened to him vomiting out at least five well rehearsed but meaningless apologies in the course of a short interview on RTE News (1st report, 6th item).

Brother Kevin Mullan, Christian Brothers’ provincial leader is the vile piece of shit in question. When it was put to this pathetic excuse for a human that his organisation had fought tooth and nail to keep the names of the guilty secret he replied:

“I think in some senses we did that because of the actual balance we felt was needed to be kept in terms of brothers, their families and so on where perhaps we had doubts about some of the allegations.

But on the other hand, at this stage, we have no interest in protecting people that are perpetrators of abuse. I think that’s a matter that has to be dealt with by the civil authorities and we will co-operate fully in this regard.”

So, after the deal was done, after the report has been published, after the victims have been betrayed, after his scum church has been allowed get away with the heinous crimes – he says that they will fully co-operate.

When it was put to this scum priest that perhaps people might not have much faith in such promises he replied:

“I would say our co-operation with the committee was quite fulsome and the committee may say other things about that but I think we co-operated to the very best of our ability.”

It’s grotesquely fascinating to witness how easily representatives of the scum Catholic Church can vomit out lies in defence of their criminal members.

Christine Buckley, a victim of this Nazi church, was asked for her response to this loathsome creature.

“The Christian Brothers showed nothing but arrogance and the glib behaviour…just reading his facial features…I do not think the Christian Brothers are capable of trying to understand. At every level they have tried to have it their own way. Now that the report is published, he doesn’t mind if people are named and shamed, isn’t that a little bit late for us?”

Too late indeed, Christine. And for so long as this country continues to be ruled by scum like Bertie Ahern and other fanatical Catholics it will always be too late for victims.

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  1. We have heard some of this before but this report draws it all together in a most comprehensive way. It is beyond belief. But all those who told their stories have been proved truthful. I will not use the word “vindicated” as this implies blame. The vast majority of the inmates were absolutely blameless. How can it be said of a child who was incarcerated in one of these institutions at the age of 3 months be said to be vindicated by this report.
    These congregations should voluntarily disband. Has not Rome the power to excommunicate them ? Will it be done ?

    Will pigs fly ?

  2. You are righ there is little difference between the Nazis and the church.

    But there is one crucial one. If you dress up as a Nazi and walk down the street you are likely to be thrown in jail.

    On the other hand dress up as a Christian Brother and nobody will bad an eyelid. They might even stand up and give you their seat on the bus.

  3. The sins (not according to the church maybe) in this filthy scenario are multiple – the then Government of Ireland stood by while children were given into the charge of people who molested them in the most vile ways – physically, mentally and emotionally. They did it for generations. Those who complained were branded as ‘bad’ and ‘trouble makers’ (in many cases even their parents didn’t believe such things happened) all because this Country had been subjugated for decades by the same people who were claiming to ‘save’ it – The Church… No-one, it seems, ever even dreamed of reporting anything to the Police, sorry, Garda, and what would they have done? Prepared a file for The Director of Public Prosecutions maybe? Seems they do that a lot, maybe the politicians won’t give them the authority to act (you never know who it is they might want to prosecute – someone’s cousin, a party faithful, god help us; a priest?) And so it rolled along, giving these creeps the opportunity, they would say the right; to ‘discipline’ little boys and girls. For ‘discipline’ read sodomy and rape, but we don’t usually say that in the Seminary, do we? And wouldn’t the Nazis have laughed if they could have cut the deal which Woods and Ahern handed to the Church on a plate (silver of course) Why, we would have had Goering and Himmler and the rest having the State take care of their supposed indiscretions; so that the taxpayers could swallow it all. And re-negotiate the deal??? Good Heavens, what are we thinking of? Haven’t we already; already, mark you; been told of the ‘legal difficulties’ the Goverment would be faced with – the samle bl**dy legal difficulties they are always faced with when they’ve screwed up, and which they quote endlessly to us as a cover up for their non-action. HOWEVER, we ought to note that the screwing up here wasn’t just banks or builders or Haughey’s bequest to the nation – it was little kids who were horribly wronged. Doesn’t anyone there have the balls to get their act together and DO SOMETHING? Get these names out in public; get some prosecutions going, to hell with them, they deserve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the PEOPLE OF IRELAND except punishment – those who did it; those who connived in it; those who were accessories to it; those who covered it up; the whole lot. They make me sick…

  4. The Catholic church were obviously the central culprits in this horrid culture, but there were others too, such as the Gardai.

    Catholic iconography was visible in every Garda station up until VERY recently and some stations actually have chapels, but these are I assume, unused these days.

    There are many accounts regarding the Gardai returning escapees to institutions – and it has to be remembered – many of these were over 18 being returned to Magdalene houses! Abduction and slavery. Women who were returned have reported beatings by Gardai.

    Also – drug companies. Children in institutions were used to test medicines. There were payments directly to the ‘religious’ directors of institutions in return. Do any of those companies still exist?

    I believe Ireland will never be anything but backward until we formally separate church and state, starting most urgently with our schools. But with regard to the reports of institutional abuse, there are other people and other organizations who need to be exposed and who should in my opinion face justice.

    What does anyone else think?

  5. By the way, the most heart breaking thing I have heard or read in all of this, and I have heard and read this subject copiously, is a personal account of a guy abducted near Drogheda aged about 3, on the day and moment of his release aged 17.

    He described the big door slammed shut behind him as he walked out alone; no big goodbyes, just a robbed childhood and identity. He wandered through the streets wondering whether anyone who looked like him might be family but had no resources to find out.

    In this particular case there was a happy ending though; he was apparently not out long when he met a nice girl with a kind and supporting family. They got married and in fact the reason he told his story was that he wondered whether the drug tests he was used in might have any affect on his own children. As far as I know the information he needed was suppressed (surprise, surprise).

  6. I think it’s a sad commentary on what could be a lovely Island… The world may now be learning that it isn’t all toora-loora-loora and Mother Macree and priests who act like Bing Crosby or Barry FitzGerald – if so, then good-oh. They’ll see us as we really are. But we are faced with the fact that citizens who still don’t believe there’s something wrong with their Mother Church will flock to the coming polls and stick solidly with good ole Fianna Fail – and until this mindset can be replaced by logical and educateded (and not in the school-book meaning) thinking, then Ireland will continue to be in trouble. I see at the bottom of this page there is a footnote – ‘Angry Fianna Fail denies any wrongdoing’ I didn’t click on ‘cos it’s bound to be their same old tired bullshit.

  7. We had slave labour camps, I can’t think of any other way to decribe them.
    i am sick of hearing it was only a few bad eggs, the people running them knew what was going on.

  8. In Massachusetts ten years ago, a priest was sent to prison for a most disgusting act, an anti-religious act at that. Like a character out of “The 120 Days of Sodom” this priest told little girls who were making their first communion that giving him a blow-job was part of the ceremony.

    In Ireland, he would have just paid a small fine.

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