Great to be back

I left the room for just a few minutes but when I returned my computer was zapped, gone, dead. With my limited technical knowledge I tried to figure out the problem but to no avail so I called in my nephew, Gavin.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to call on Gavin to save me from the brink of technical oblivion but even he admitted that on this occasion the problem was serious. He’s still working on resolving the matter and in the meantime has generously provided me with a replacement computer.

Of course, I have no doubt that the problem was caused by a deadly Fianna Fail virus and have established a tribunal of inquiry to look into the matter.

2 thoughts on “Great to be back”

  1. Will it cost €15.5million, and last ten years, and provide lots of work for lawyers, and no visible benefits? If so, send the bill to Seanie, he’s got all the loot…

  2. Where is the tribunal of inquiry takeing place?Your lucky you could get a replacement,cant do that with someone with bipolar, i dont know much about computers but i could be called an”EXPERT”due to my experiences
    in diversity or life?slan

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