The Greens finally wake up

There has been much discussion about what the Greens are going to do after their wipe out in the recent local elections. Will they jump ship, will they stay the course, will they demand a radical reform of the Programme for Government?

All the talk is just so much waffle, the Greens are in big trouble and they know it. (As predicted by Public Inquiry in Sep 2007). The election result has finally opened their eyes to what happens to any political party that’s stupid enough to risk contamination with Fianna Fail. They have only one course of action open to them – get out as soon as possible.

They can’t go immediately because they would be accused of running scared, of not being able to hack it, of not being a reliable coalition partner. But I have no doubt whatsoever that after a decent amount of time, say about six months or so, they will be on the lookout for an opportunity to remount their ethical horse and put some distance between themselves and the putrid Fianna Failers.

Trouble is, Patricia McKenna, the most honest and democratic politician in the country has already ridden off into the sunset on that particular horse. I was delighted that Ms. McKenna did so well in the election, so well in fact that she qualified for a refund of election expenses.

And although it may not be very charitable I was also delighted that Senator De Burca of the Green Party did not get enough votes to qualify for a refund. De Burca may be a Green in name but in attitude and action she is pure Fianna Fail.

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