We'll be waiting…

The discredited head of the discredited Central Bank, John Hurley, was on RTE (2nd report, 1st item) today blaming others for his incompetence.

Asked if he took any personal responsibility for what happened in the Irish banking system over the past year he said:

The international regulatory environment clearly has been found wanting and the rules in which regulators regulated in different markets clearly were inadequate.

Irish citizens are still waiting for an official, a politician, a banker, anybody to say – Yes, I’m to blame. I think they’ll be waiting.

One thought on “We'll be waiting…”

  1. It wasn’t down to any one person or institution. So no one can entirely take the blame. Everyone always forgets that every single one of us got fat off the excess: free college, new motorways, public transport upgrades (in Dublin at least). SSIA anyone? No?

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