Fianna Fail tells Green Party to take a hike – again

The Green Party made a pathetic attempt to boost their flagging credibility by abstaining on a vote in the Seanad on the Criminal Justice Amendment Bill.

Green Party Senator, Dan Boyle, who used to be a beacon of plain honest speaking, descended into the dark pit of Fianna Fail speak in an effort to cover up the party’s cowardice.

We’re unhappy about the current situation and we want it to change and the fact that we’re obliged to take a public action is a clear signal that we feel that things aren’t as they should be and they should be done differently and to presume that the Greens are to be taken for granted is not something we want to allow as a public perception and it’s not something we want to allow to be seen in terms of how our partners in government deal with us.

The brutal truth is that Dermot Ahern told the Greens to take a hike – and they did.

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