The puzzlement of Alan Dukes

Former Fine Gael leader and Anglo Irish Bank director, Alan Dukes, is puzzled at the delay by the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE ) in his investigation into Anglo Irish Bank.

I find it rather odd that the Director of Corporate Enforcement announced in February that he was satisfied that there was a prima facie case for an investigation into the bank. Having announced it in February in sent people in, in April, to begin the inquiry and announced recently, that if things go well, in November he might be in a position to tell the DPP whether or not there’s a case. I don’t know why it’s taking so long.

Mr. Dukes is puzzled because he, in company with the great majority of Irish citizens, is unaware that he lives and works within an administrative system that is largely corrupt.

That system is specifically designed to protect white collar criminals, including politicians, from being made accountable. A whole range of useless agencies like tribunals, High Court inspectors, ODCE, Financial Regulator and Financial Ombudsman are set up to absorb public anger, prevent immediate action and eventually allow allegations to become historical and forgotten.

Let me state once again. Nobody in Anglo Irish Bank will ever be brought to account for their actions.