Time to bring the whole rotten system tumbling down

Vomit inducing is the immediate reaction on reading the extravagance of yet another of our low grade politicians who live in a parallel universe where they think they’re royalty (Sunday Tribune).

Former minister John O’Donoghue, his wife Kate Ann, and his private secretary Therese O’Connor ran up a travel bill of over €126,000 in the space of just two years. Among the expenditure were a series of €900-a-night hotels, €7,591 on airport pick-ups during a two-day trip to London, €120 for hat rental, €250 for water taxis and €80 to Indians for moving the luggage.

These people are so far up their own rectums that they are beyond redemption. It is not enough that we have an election to get rid of the current government. That will simply see the replacement of one swarm of parasites with another.

It is long past time that the people of this country brought the whole rotten system tumbling down.

One thought on “Time to bring the whole rotten system tumbling down”

  1. Read this article, THEN CLICK ON SUNDAY TRIBUNE AND READ THE WHOLE TEXT…There’s even a picture of these beautiful people for you to enjoy! Almost all of their arrogant, screw-you-Ireland attitude is revealed. (not everything because some facts were obstructed and kept hidden) And Payment was demanded to get this Public Knowledge, in The Public Interest, to us… Their Department mustn’t waste money, apparantly, on giving out stuff to the media willy nilly. One of the comments likens them to Mugabe. Poor Bob… The comments are also worth reading. Don’t let up on this kind of sh*t.

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