Exposing the Carroll farce

This letter in today’s Irish Independent hits the nail on the head regarding the Carroll farce.

Has no-one told ACC Bank that above the Supreme Court, we have the Very Supreme Court and possibly the Very Very Supreme Court ?

Gerry O’Donnell
Dublin 15

One thought on “Exposing the Carroll farce”

  1. Wondered how far up the legal ladder these lads could go to save their house of cards… I read Gerry O’Donnell’s letter earlier today, and he’ hit it on the nail..the answer being – ‘FOREVER’ or until a satisfactory Carroll-friendly result is obtained by the high-rollers of our legal set. Are they going to sift through all the unfriendly judges until they find a sympathetic ear? And talk about pulling out all the stops – stress, illness, in hospital, unable to make a decision – did he ever flinch from making a loan? Wasn’t in hospital then, was he? Never mind about prior hiding or ‘forgetting’ cogent evidence… What a complete crock of shit! And how dare that nasty Dutch Bank disturb the obvious deal put together by SOMEONE UP THERE and which the Irish Banks slavishly followed, Yes Sor, No Sor, Three Bags Full Sor… And just for €136M – why; some of our retired bankers could cover that smidgeon fer the chap…

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