Sarah Carey – Gone over to the dark side?

Sarah Carey, late of the blogging community, has become a fully paid up member of the ‘established’ media sector.

Here’s what she had to say recently during a discussion on the challenge facing printed newspapers from online versions (Sunday Supplement, 9th August).

One thing I think newspapers should keep in mind is keep the content quality high because the whole blog thing has died off a little bit, that has plateaued and at the end of the day journalists and their sources and their writing is still the place where people need to go for authoritative content.

Blogging has plateaued? Seems to me it’s going from strength to strength and it’s the printed newspapers industry that’s struggling for survival. In fact, many newspapers, including the Irish Times have adopted the blogging practice of allowing readers make direct comments on content.

Ms. Carey’s Irish Times column is, effectively, a blog albeit with the distinct advantage of getting paid for her efforts.

As for authoritative content – Well, that’s a matter of opinion. I mean, could the mostly crazed writings of John Waters be called authoritative?

One thought on “Sarah Carey – Gone over to the dark side?”

  1. Don’t rise to it: she has merely joined the small coterie who hold their fingers in their ears and pretend like blogging / twitter / facebook / myspace never happened. A ladder-puller.

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