A rotten system populated by greedy and unaccountable politicians

One of the symptoms of a corrupt political system is the absolute refusal of politicians to accept facts that are right before their eyes.

Fact: Irish politicians are grotesquely overpaid. Even if they were competent and had the interests of the people at heart they would still be grotesquely overpaid.

Fact: Irish politicians have devised and defend to the last a system of expenses that is cynical, amoral and adds significantly to their already bloated salaries.

Fact: A high percentage, if not a majority, of Irish politicians are thieves who rob millions from Irish citizens every year through a system of well established scams.

Fact: The international financial crisis which resulted in the collapse of the mafia type financial system in Ireland has also exposed the rotten political system for all to see.

Fact: Irish politicians are so deeply embedded in the rotten system that they know no other reality and so continue to increase the anger of citizens by regularly defending the indefensible.

Independent senator Joe O’Toole is one such politician. He was on Newstalk 106 last week spewing waffle with, apparently, no awareness whatsoever that ordinary people have come to see him and his fellow politicians as contemptuous.

Like most politicians he dishonestly blamed the media for misreporting on political matters.

Like most politicians he adopted a fake anger as he outlined what he thinks should be done to reform the system.

Like most politicians he seems completely oblivious to the fact that politicians have been waffling on about reform for decades but never actually do anything.

Like most politicians he seems to be completely unaware of the absolute contempt in which the he and his fellow greedy and unaccountable politicians are held in by the general public.

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