FÁS case: Fighting the 'disease' of accountability

In a previous post (Defending a failed state) on the FÁS scandal I outlined the sequence of events:

An anonymous letter was sent to Mary Harney which triggered an internal investigation in FAS which triggered an investigation by the C & AG which triggered an investigation by the PAC and when the PAC completes its investigation in January it will refer back to the C & AG who will conduct yet another investigation (This is where I get facetious) who will refer back to FAS who will refer back to Mary Harney who will refer back to the anonymous letter writer thus completing the circle of madness.

That investigation by the useless C&AG is now complete and the parcel has been, once again, handed back to the useless Public Accounts Committee who, once again, is going to investigate (Irish Independent).

We must remember that there’s logic in maintaining this circle of madness. In a corrupt state it is of the utmost importance that reality is never, never, never actually faced – to do so raises the appalling vista that somebody might be held accountable.

If the ‘disease’ of accountability was allowed to take hold and spread out of control it could threaten those who have a vested interest in protecting the rotten system.