A kind and concerned property developer

Michael O’Flynn is the latest property developer to cry all over Marian Finucane’s apron (Saturday) as he pleaded for love and understanding.

O’Flynn is not worried about himself, he’s worried about the country, about the economy and most of all he’s worried about the taxpayer.

He blames the collapse in the building sector on inexperienced chancers who came into the industry with no greater motive than to make a quick buck.

When asked about political contributions O’Flynn was heartfelt in his concern for the greater good of democracy.

I have contributed to all political parties because it’s part of our democracy that we support the political system. I see no issue in the world in saying that I have contributed to all political parties.

He denied he was paying for access.

No, absolutely not, how is our political system going to be funded? It’s not a crime to support the political system.

My heart goes out to him.

One thought on “A kind and concerned property developer”

  1. I had to switch this rubbish off – what came across is that this developer-person’s big beef is that there are no more business opportunities for him to wade into… never mind the taxpayers and what may happen to them; never mind the hundreds on the dole; the totally uncertain future of this country – just that there are no more business opportunities for him… He can’t make a whole shitload of bucks at the moment. Pity.

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