Catholic Church – Still lying, still greedy

I recently heard just a snatch of an interview with Michael O’Brien, a victim of the depraved Catholic Church who spoke so passionately on Questions & Answers.

He was pleading for financial assistance to help other victims but said he had only received €6,000 from the department and €4,000 from the Rosminians.

These miserable donations should be seen in the context of the great promises made immediately after the publication of the Ryan Report when both the Government and the obnoxious Catholic Church were playing for time.

We’re still waiting for these disgusting people to tell us where they’ve hidden their vast wealth. At the time, in a (obviously successful) ploy to deflect anger there were suggestions by these evil institutions that they would be willing to substantially increase their so far pathetic compensation payments by millions.

It should come as no surprise that lies and greed are still the chief characteristic of these so called holy and charitable organisations.