A dishonest and cowardly betrayal of the Irish people

Sections two and three of the public meeting held by Transparency International Ireland demonstrated the divide between those serving within our corrupt political system and those who are the victims of that system.

When Senator Dan Boyle was asked if Ireland had a corrupt political system he responded exactly like all politicians who find themselves having to defend a corrupt system.

I think it’s corrupt in how you define corruption in its widest context. I think there are more corrupt systems, I think we’re less corrupt than we used to be but there is certainly corruption out there in our system.

When asked should John O’Donoghue resign he replied in like manner.

John O’Donoghue holds a constitutional position he’s meant to be the independent chairman of the Dail Eireann of which I’m not a member and I think the questions surrounding his use of expenses are ultimately a matter for the members of that house and I have no role or influence in that.

Senator Boyle was strongly challenged by a member of the audience, a challenge that made the Senator visibly uncomfortable.

Senator Boyle’s discomfort is understandable. He’s a member of a party that has always prided itself on its integrity, transparency and accountability.

Since entering government, however, these high standards have been largely abandoned in exchange for the opportunity to see environmental policies enacted.

Green Party Leader and Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, was clear when asked about being a watchdog in government:

We never assigned ourselves that role because it’s a role which you cannot fulfill properly and do your work as well. We’re not the moral watchdog of any political party…we look after our probity and our standards…we cannot be responsible for events that took place before our entry into government.

John Gormley is wrong; all political parties have a duty to be moral watchdogs, not just of themselves, but of all other political parties and government agencies.

No functional democracy would tolerate a political party entering government to pursue its own agenda while completely ignoring other serious matters that were damaging to the good of the nation and its people.

The Greens, like the Progressive Democrats before them, have decided by their actions and words that working within and supporting a corrupt political system is acceptable in order to see their policies enacted.

In reality their actions are a disgraceful betrayal of the Irish people.

Senator Boyle’s dishonest and cowardly words are just the latest example of that betrayal.

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