Denial and pretence are the only options in a corrupt state

As always there’s a great deal of anger, comment and analysis surrounding the latest episode of the Fás farce.

But we’ve seen it all before, dozens upon dozens of times. A scandal erupts involving very serious allegations of fraud and corruption.

In an accountable jurisdiction police investigate, bring charges, people go to jail – end of story.

In a corrupt state, the corrupt system moves to protect itself. Set up an endless tribunal, hand the matter over to a powerless committee of politicians, sidetrack the matter to a safe house like the Office of Corporate Enforcement or simply pay off those who have been caught and are threatening to spill the beans.

In a corrupt state it is impossible for any politician, state agency or regulatory body to act against the corrupt without exposing the corrupt system itself.

Denial and pretence are the only options until somebody has the courage to stand up and tell the truth – and then act.

5 thoughts on “Denial and pretence are the only options in a corrupt state”

  1. The political system here is out of control and beyond repair. Now is the time to call for a Second Republic. After all the French are on number 5.

    How can we make it happen?

  2. It wont happen so dont waste your time. John O Donohue was carried shoulder high at Listowell races a fortnight ago, Michael Lowry tops the poll in Tipp and next week the morons will do as theyre told and vote yes. The people like a corrupt state, they demand it.

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