Refusing to talk

Aer Lingus has refused to say if disgraced banker, Sean Fitzpatrick, availed of free flights on the airline (Irish Independent).

Aer Lingus has refused to give details of other directors who may have availed of the perk.

Aer Lingus has refused to give details about a Gold Circle club which allows members to relax in exclusive airport lounges while waiting for flights. (Bizarre isn’t it – An official golden circle does actually exist)

Transport Minister Noel Dempsey has refused to defend the taxpayer’s interests in Aer Lingus only managing to limply mouth that he was “sure” the perks were under review.

Fitzpatrick, who has refused to answer questions on the Anglo Irish Bank scandal, and is also refusing to make any comment on this matter contemptuously informed the nation.

I don’t talk to the media.