Predictable result – consequences later

As I predicted last November the referendum was passed by a large majority.

Of course, it didn’t take genius to make such a prediction as people will understandably take the safe option when immediate danger presents itself.

The consequence of the decision will only become evident years into the future when, for example, our politicians are casually sending Irish citizens off to war with the words ‘but you voted yes’ ringing in their ears.

One thought on “Predictable result – consequences later”

  1. And they deserve it. They cant abdicate responsibility from their vote. Like they abdicate all responsibility for everything else like the economic crisis. The unions shouting “its nothing to do with us….” while they sipped champagne 30000 feet over the Atlantic. They cant hide behind their stupidity and blame the Referendum Commision’s bias. They deserve what Lisbon will bring them. The problem is, 600,000 of us dont.

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